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New adventures include hosting on-air at Hawaii Public Radio. Special thanks to Michael Titterton, Jose Fajardo,  Gene Schiller, and Craig DeSilva.

It was great fun narrating THE GARDEN ON SUNSET,  THE TROUBLE WITH SCARLETT, and CITIZEN HOLLYWOOD, in which author, Martin Turnbull, cooks up a spicy mix of characters who take up residence at the world-famous Garden of Allah apartments in the days of Hollywood's Golden Age. THE GARDEN ON SUNSET introduces us to Marcus, Kathryn, and Gwendolyn, who strive to leave troubled lives behind, forging new careers in Tinseltown while finding shelter and adventure at the Garden of Allah Hotel. Alla Nazimova, once the highest paid silent star at thirteen thousand dollars per week, fell on hard times and was forced to turn her mansion and grounds into a hotel for top actors, writers, wannabes, and has-beens; a perfect place for wide-eyed newcomers to learn the ways of the world.


THE TROUBLE WITH SCARLETT focuses on  intrigues behind the making of GONE WITH THE WIND. 

Here is an article posted online about the adventure of creating an audio book together with Martin.:


Other assignments for include:

 DISSOLUTION, MICKEY COHEN AND THE WEST COAST MOB, and MICKEY COHEN AND THE RAT PACK, all written by Brad Lewis.  Zak received the following  feedback from the author/publisher:


"John C. Zak is the ultimate entertainment professional. I have had the good fortune to work with John through his work as a producer and narrator of audiobooks. I cannot say enough good things about his work ethic, creative abilities, and detailed organization. I suspect that John has brought these attributes to all his endeavors in the entertainment business, and his background would indicate that that is perhaps an understatement. His voice talents are extraordinary, and his range is extensive. His sense of character is spot on."


MICKEY COHEN AND THE WEST COAST YEARS and MICKEY COHEN AND THE RAT PACK, written my Bradley Lewis is available worldwide on,, and I Tunes. Mickey Cohen was a colorful character who had fingers in a shockingly diverse number of proverbial pies, from politics, to Hollywood, to Patty Hearst's saga. These are stories that have remained untold, shedding light on a side of life experienced by very few, those who lived to tell the tale, that is.


The audiobook version of CITIZEN HOLLYWOOD, the third in Martin Turnbull's brilliant fictional series on old Hollywood and the denizens of the fabled Garden of Allah Hotel on Sunset Boulevard, is available on This story features the intriguing ongoing adventures of Gwendolyn, Katherine, and Marcus and the firestorm that is ignited when indomitable Orson Welles hits Hollywood, setting Tinseltown squarely on its tin ear! 


New projects include radio series, "The Artist's Life," and "The Blue Planet Chronicles," produced and hosted by John Zak.

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